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Movie Review: Clown

Clown Review

By Tom Garavan

Adding just a little to the coulrophobia in the world is Clown. And yes, coulrophobia is the fear of clowns…well I’m not quite sure but apparently consecotaleophobia is a fear of chopsticks, the more you know…but I digress.

Now I must admit, I’ve been looking forward to this flick…well since I heard about it a few months back. The horror scene has been a bit dry these last few months and seriously…I can only watch The Evil Dead so many times…actually I have no limit…I’m doing it again aren’t I? I must say though, Clown satisfied my horror taste buds…for now.

Directed by Jon Watts and written by Watts alongside Christopher D. Ford. Clown stars a nice little cast including; Andy Powers (Oz, In Her Shoes), Laura Allen (Hysteria, Mona Lisa Smile) and Peter Stormare (22 Jump Street, Prison Break). It’s actually a hard toss-up between Powers and Stormare for who did the best job. They really only feature in a long scene once or twice together in the film and the rest it’s either one or the other…they both did a fantastic job.

It also has to be popped in that Eli Roth also worked on the production of this movie, which has to say something about it's standing. As a rising director, Watts must be commended for this addition to the horror scene.

Anyway the story! Clown is basically a movie about not putting on other people’s clothes…especially when you find them in a musty old basement…in an ominous box…and it’s a freakin clown costume! The story focuses around Kent McCoy, a doting father who wants to give his son the best birthday possible, so fills the role of the missing clown himself by becoming the clown himself with a costume he stumbles upon. It is soon revealed that the costume is much more than it seems and Kent’s life is thrown into chaos when the true legend of the clown is revealed. 
Its all fun and games until the suit doesn't come off

We’ll keep this short and just say…unless you want to get possessed by some clown skin and have Peter Stormare attempt to decapitate you at any opportunity…do not put on random clown suits.

Now from a horror perspective…the story was an ace. Seriously, Watts has done a fantastic job creating a creepy lore behind clowns. The costume was put on at least 20 minutes into the film and I was wondering how they’re going to fill it out and to be honest my mind wandered a tad in the middle but the majority had me hooked. I guess I was just craving a little more Stormare and Powers.
Clowns carry a creepy vibe with them as it is enough but the whole idea of this film was fantastic. Stuck in a costume, slowly becoming a demon…me likey.  There’s a particular scene in a kids funhouse where the now fiendish McCoy is skulking around…seriously…The Wacky Warehouse will never be the same.

Ouch incoming
The squeams and gore glisten in when McCoy starts trying to remove the suit from himself. Rather having pain administered to victim, he’s doing it to himself (this time) and its squeamishly good at times…specifically the removal of the nose…seriously, ouch.

Powers and Stormare were probably my favourite parts to this film. Powers did a fantastic job as a man being torn apart, mentally and physically. His performance really added a psychological horror aspect to the movie. Whilst Stormare, the crazy cook who for some reason knows about creepy clown lore. He just has that sort of gritty voice that makes you think…my god this dude may be crazy…but damn he has a point. 

I also have to say Laura Allen does a fantastic job too. She’s torn between being the devoted wife, but also the protective mother. A particular scene in the woods really emphasises this…you’ll know it when you see it.

My biggest qualm with the movie has to be the ending. It was just a sort of anti-climax and rather typical. Come on Watts, shake it up just that little bit more, please.

Overall I have to say I enjoyed Clown. Watts did a great service to the horror scene so far this year. Aside from the ending the film is a must-see for anyone craving a horror fix. It’s a great new take at an old theme…all I have to say is that with all the fresh ideas and creativity…I would have liked to see a more unique ending.

On that note….seriously…do not put on random clown suits. I’m not clowning around here…yup mandatory bad pun, I’m done!

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